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The Yum Yum Tree is Going to Rock this Weekend

The Yum Yum Tree

09/27/2007 – Hey everyone, just a quick note before the weekend gets started to let you know about everything that’s happening with The Yum Yum Tree this weekend.

Tonight we’ll be interviewed on the 88.5 WRAS from 6-8pm, tune in tonight and check it out!

Friday night we’re throwing a CD Release Party at the Star Bar for our new CD. Joining us tomorrow night will be two of my favorite bands, Orphins, and The Jupiter Watts. Show starts at 9pm!

On Saturday, we’ll be driving to Columbia, SC. to play at the Art Bar with Hot Lava Monster and The Drownout. Oh, and apparently Saturday night is Pirate Fest in Columbia, so expect some stupid pictures on the website by Monday.

The Yum Yum Tree Cd Release Party is coming!

The Yum Yum Tree

09/24/2007 – Happy first day of Fall everyone. I can’t wait for the cooler weather to arrive. I had a fun weekend kicking around with friends and The Yum Yum Tree had one of our final practices before the CD Release party this Friday night at the Star Bar in Atlanta. It’s going to be a great show, I hope you can make it out.

Smith’s Old Bar – Solo Show – Photos

Smith's Olde Bar - Tonight's Showcase

09/19/2007 – Last night’s show at Smith’s Old Bar was a good time, thanks to everyone that made it out. My friend Brian took some PHOTOS.

Solo Show, Radio Interview, East Atlanta Strut

09/18/2007 – Hey everyone, before I run off to play Smith’s Old Bar this evening I thought I’d get you caught up.

I had a fun weekend. The Yum Yum Tree did an interview on WRAS Album 88.5 that will be broadcast on 9/27, the day before our CD release show at the Star Bar. (PHOTOS)

Tracy from the Preakness
Later that evening I headed down to the East Atlanta Strut and saw a ton of great bands like Parade, Envie, The Preakness, The Howlies and Anna Kramer. Good times! (PHOTOS)

Jeff Wood

09/13/2007 – Last night, former band mate, scene peer, and friend, Jeff Wood passed away. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.

Here’s an mp3 of the last recording he did with my old band Spiller. We were still working out the arrangement in the studio, and this is probably the second or third take. The music is live, one take. The slow part at the end was his idea, and that drum fill he does right before the last chorus (2:45) always gave me chills. “Simple!”

Spiller – The One

John McNicholas: Vocals/Guitar
Martin Rice: Bass/Vocals
Marcus McCord: Guitar/Vocals
Jeff Wood: Drums/Vocals
Tracy LaBarbara: BU Vocals.

Joe Popp has put together a tribute site, please check it out HERE. Please have a look and contribute.

09/13/2007 – Hey all, I’ve posted some Jeff Wood photos on my Flickr account. PHOTOS

I wish I could make it down to Florida tomorrow for the memorial, but I’m not going to be able to.

Al my best to everyone and his family,


A Little Help.

09/12/2007 – Hey everyone, I’ve got some people in my life that could use your thoughts and prayers right now. Send some my way, I’ll make sure they get every one of them.

The Other Sound Festival and more…

09/11/2007 – Wow, what an exhausting week of music! OK, let’s catch up!Last Wednesday evening my friends Rebekah and Rob rolled into town with a car full of ants, sticky seats, and a huge windshield, to play a show at 11:11 Teahouse. Before they started we caught up, someone went on a beer run, and we admired all the GutterPop artwork. I have to get one of the John Oates Will Fucking Kill You! pieces. We never did make it over to 80s Karaoke, so we headed back to my place, watched some Simpsons, ate hot peppers and made a pizza. (Photos)

Thursday night was the first night of the Other Sound Festival. Tonight’s show would be at the Drunken Unicorn. The Mary O. Harrison Band rolled in early and got all our gear situated while Moresight rocked a killer soundcheck. Envie was the first band that played, and they sounded great. I had been asked by them to play bass on a few songs, but I was just too busy. All the better for them, the guy that filled in for them sounded great. We played next, and we had a fun set. The mix was good and the Fenders sounded lovely on stage. Pistolero kicked some serious ass after we played. As it got closer to midnight the club becomes 18 and up, so everyone with a drink had to kill them or move it over to the bar, which is through a door off to the right where you can’t see the bands. Sort of weird, but hey, I understand. Moresight played last, and brought everyone away from their cool beverages for a great set of rocking tunes, furry suits, diapers, and fake bears. A very nice time.

Friday night’s show was at The EARL. The Yum Yum Tree debuted their new four-piece line up, and I think we rocked it pretty hard. We had a great time and all the other bands sounded great. I was especially impressed with All Night Drug Prowling Wolves.

Saturday, everyone shifted over to Lenny’s for the third night of rock. There were two stages, a giant pool, and tons of dancers. The second stage acts, Orphins and Club Awesome had the dancers our in full force, while the main stage hosted the rock bands.

Sunday, the final night of the fest came up quick and the show at 11:11 Teahouse, with Untied States, Tenth to the Moon, and others, did not disappoint. It was a great night to hang out on the porch, have some store-bought beer or tea and dig some tunes. I can’t even begin to remember all the fun and funny details over the last week, so these pictures will have to tell the story for me. (Photos)

The Other Sound Festival