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Smith’s Show Recap and the weekend plans

11/30/2007 – Hey everyone, I’m just now catching up for the week. I had a really fun show at Smith’s Old Bar on Tuesday night. The 8pm starting time was in my favor and a nice group of friends made it out to the show. I’ve been asked back on a weekend in January, so I’ll need everyone out in full force for that one so they’ll have me back again sometime. (photos)

I’m excited about the weekend, there’s some fun stuff happening every day. Tonight, right after work I’m going to the Vinson Gallery for their Christmas show and sale. It’s run by a friend of mine, Shawn Vinson, from the late 80’s music scene. He took pictures of my old band Parade in Paris.

Later tonight I’m excited to be attending the Stomp and Stammer show at the Variety Playhouse featuring Black Lips, Deerhunter, The Selmanaires, and Snowden. It should a fantastic show.

Tomorrow night I’ll be playing Kavarna at 10pm with Mary O. Harrison and the Living Room Drama. It’s a free show and the music starts at 8pm.

I’m playing Smith’s tonight!

11/27/2007 – I’m playing at Smith’s Old Bar in the Atlanta Room tonight at 8pm and I feel like crap. I’m sick. That won’t stop me from rocking out, but it will keep me from hanging out all night to see all the acts unless I pull a 180 and feel better. Come on out tonight, bring me some tissues.

My trip down to St. Pete for the holidays last weekend was fun, so fun that it’s not important what I did. It was good to see everyone and bask in some Florida sunshine. Hope you had a great weekend.

Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s raining this morning in Atlanta, and that is indeed something to be thankful for. I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe holiday with family and friends.


Bloggers! The Swell Season! The Hold Steady! Art Brut!

11/21/2007 – If I don’t catch up with everything that’s happened over the last week I never will, so here’s a quick recap.

Last Thursday night, Liz and I attended the monthly bloggers meet up at Ace’s Bar in lovely downtown Kirkwood. It was a fun time and it was great to meet some new folks in the group. (Photos)

After the meet-up we headed down to the Star Bar to catch Big Trouble In Little Five Points, a monthly show put on by Atlanta’s Pop Death Squad. It was packed beyond belief and we were lucky to get in. We caught The Lollygags, a two-piece electro-dance group from Athens and the Black Kids from Jacksonville, FL. We had a great time! (Photos)

Saturday night we caught The Swell Season and Martha Wainwright at the Variety Playhouse. The Swell Season, featuring Glen Hansard from the Irish band the Frames, and Czech singer/songwriter Marketa Irglova stared in the movie Once and provided the music as well. It was an amazing movie and their live set was incredible. They played almost everything from the movie in addition to some Frames’ songs, and even a great Pixies‘ song, Cactus. Glen told a great story about the last time the Frames were in Atlanta; they played the Echo Lounge and he hit his head on a nail sticking out of the ceiling. When he came too, Chris Martin from Coldplay was holding him in his arms. Funny. (Photos)

Sunday night was a fantastic show as well. The Hold Steady, Art Brut, and 1990s played the Variety playhouse, and we were back in attendance to rock out. The 1990s were loose and fun, with great feedback and lots of “ba ba ba” back up vocals. Next up, Art Brut were fantastic, energetic, engaging, and pretty much stole the show. The Hold Steady rocked it hard, and were every bit as good as the last time I saw them. The crowd bounced, swayed, and hung on every word. At the end of the show everyone at the front of the stage crawled up and joined the band for the last song. It was quite a moment and a fantastic way to end the weekend! (Photos)

OK, that’s it, that’s enough, I’m off to Florida for Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

This is true.

“In the most basic way I can say it, coming from a psychological place, what I love more than anything is attention. That is about as honest of a statement that I could possibly make. I want a reaction, because I want the attention.”

Marc Jacobs in The New York Times

Kavarna, a new pedal, and a wedding

11/13/2007 – I had such a fun time last Saturday night. It was my first time playing with the ATL Songwriters group, and it was my first time at a great new spot in Oakhurst called Kavarna. Jim Combs had already started by the time I arrived, and this was the best set that I’ve caught by him. During one of his spontaneous compositions he played an electric kalimba that sounded amazing!

I was up next so I grabbed my guitar, tuned up, and rocked it. I had a really fun time on stage, the best time I’ve had in a long time. The room sounded fantastic, the crowded listened, chatted, and laughed at my lame attempts to be funny. Some friends made it out too, which is always great and very much appreciated.

Next up was the Melinda Kingsley Band, a fun four/five piece. And finally, closing the night was one of my local faves Lindsey Appel. She’s got a really sweet voice and creative songs, good stuff indeed.

Most of Sunday was spent playing some guitar at home and trying to figure out my new JamMan pedal. It’s a looping pedal. I think I’m the last solo guitarist to get one, but they are pretty damn cool. And finally, Sunday night, a big group of us gathered to celebrate our friend Kim’s marriage vows and rock out to The Preakness. No pictures in this updated unfortunately, you’ll just have to trust me that all this stuff really happened.

I’ve hit the big time.

I’ve been blogged by Drive a Faster Car! I love this Atlanta blog.

Check it out and download my song Alright.

Rock out.