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The Holiday Recap!

01/08/2008 – Hey everyone, long time no see. I was going to do this great big recap of my Christmas and New Year’s break, but I’m so excited about 2008 that I can’t find the energy to look back for a moment. OK, maybe just a quick recap!

John McNicholas @ The Bunker

The holidays were a ton of fun and very hectic. Liz and I drove down to Florida on 12/22, through a ton of traffic, just in time to make my solo show at Tre Amici @ The Bunker in Ybor City. I had a fantastic time playing, and it was great too see Bob Anthony, Kenny Howes, and so many great friends out at the show.

Friends @ The Bunker

After the show, we walked around Ybor City for a while, caught up with some more more friends and had a great time. The rest of the long weekend was spent at the beach, at the Dali Museum, having drinks with friends, and eating at some of my favorite restaurants in town.

Sandy Claus - Pass-a-Grill Beach, FL

Liz - Pass-a-Grill Beach, FL

Back in Atlanta for Christmas proper, presents were opened and time was spent with more family and friends.

Molly says,

New Year’s was a low-key affair, dinner in the EAV with friends, and all sort of fireworks (gun shots?) when New Year’s hit! I swear East Atlanta sounded like a war zone when the peach dropped at midnight.

OK, that’s it for a look back. (photos)

I’m looking forward now, and there’s a ton of things happening! There’s going to be lots of music, shows and recording this year, and I hope to get a fair amount of traveling in as well.

2008 = Create!

Happy New Year!

12/31/2007 – So this is the end of the year, and I always tell myself I’m going to post a list of favorite songs, or CDs, as if anyone buys CDs anymore. Well, here’s a quick and dirty list of things that made me smile this year. I’m sure I missed some things and some people. My bad.

Super Deluxe goes live and I still have a job

Jeff Tweedy @ the Tabernacle

– Playing with The Good Graces, Mary O. Harrison and The Yum Yum Tree! Great people, every one of them!

– The Atlanta music scene

SXSW 2007! A million great shows in one town.



Dean & Britta at the Variety Playhouse

ISP Space (R.I.P.)


Smith’s Olde Bar

– Hanging with Ava in Delaware

500 Songs for Kids

See-through Souls

– Working with the folks on Funny Lunch

Ben Gibbard at Center Stage

Sloan at the 40 Watt


Bright Eyes at The Fox Theater

– Memorial Day weekend with my Florida friends


– The Star Bar photo booth

– “Marry Me” by St. Vincent (answer “yes”)

Java Monkey

– The Atlanta Songwriters shows

Lenny’s Bar

Rufus Wainwright, Neko Case @ the Tabernacle

– My second annual Wisconsin holiday

Milwaukee Art Museum

The Other Sound Festival

11:11 Teahouse

– The Drunken Unicorn

KEXP & KCRW podcasts

2007 Grant Park Summer Shade Festival

– Playing Kelly’s Pub in Tampa with Lance, Rebekah & Rob and Ted

Rebekah & Rob in Atlanta

– Kent and everyone at Legend’s Guitars

Midtown Music

Eskimo Kiss and Eskimo Bliss

The Preakness

Club Awesome‘s pool party


– Thunderbox rehearsal space


– Sandra and Raleigh

– All my Super Deluxe co-workers

– Jeff Wood (R.I.P.)

The Howlies

– The Bain Mattox crew, past and present

– James and Ali

– The East Atlanta Strut

– The 88.5 WRAS interview

The Jupiter Watts

Art Bar in Columbia, SC

Two Sheds Records

– Two days in Indianapolis with friends

– The Gardner clan

Broad Ripple Fall Music Festival

Luna Music

Indianapolis Museum of Art

Eisenhower Field Day

Atlanta People With Blogs Who Get Together To Drink

– The Clermont Lounge with Liz! Peach Cobbler!

Little 5 Points Halloween Parade

– Pittsburgh to see The Weakerthans

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater

– The Hushpuppy Gallery

Chomp and Stomp


– A decent car crash

– My new JamMan pedal

– My new Strat

– The 1990s, Art Brut & The Hold Steady show at the Variety

The Swell Season at the Variety


Black Lips at the Variety

Happenstance 2007, “One Great Song!”

Bain Mattox and Shot From Guns at Eddie’s Attic

– The Turner Christmas Party and a busted window

– Liz’s new house and expertly manicured lawn

– All my great new friends in Atlanta.

– Molly my doggie

Have a fun and safe New Year’s Eve everyone. I’ll catch up with everyone in the next few days!


What a year it has been…

12/31/2002 – What a year it has been, so many changes for me and yet so much always stays the same. I’ll be forever grateful to all the friends that I perform with and all the friends I perform for every time I hit the stage. You guys make it all worth while. Thank you.

This next year promises to be the best yet as far as I’m concerned so get ready for some shows, some new CDs and some world tours! Hopefully I’ll get a solo acoustic CD and a group CD out by the Summer. The much neglected Sparky’s Nightmare CD will (it will dammit!) be out by June as will the new Honeyrider CD that we getting ready to start recording in the next few weeks. There is even rumored talk of a supergroup called TD and the Two-Point Conversions but you’ll have to stay tuned. Anybody have an ass-less monkey suit I can borrow?

The beginning of the Summer will see me in Japan with Honeyrider if everything falls into place and Europe is possible if the new record is released over there as well. Also be on the lookout for the latest Barely Pink record, to which I contribute some synth on one song and the Tribute to Teenage Fanclub on which I contribute some acoustic guitar to Barely Pink’s track. Well, I’m off for the night, hope everyone has a fun and safe New Year’s Eve!

Well, well, well… another year draws to a close.

Well, well, well… another year draws to a close. It seems like only yesterday when it was just New Year’s 2000 and now it’s 2002! It has been a crazy year for me and for everyone it seems. But, all in all it has been a great year filled with lots of fun, lots of new songs, the release of our new CD and our first show. Keep checking back at the site for more information about the band, our shows and our work on another record. As soon as everybody gets back in town I think we are going to start pre-production. I’d also like to say hello to everyone that has come to our site from other areas of the world via our site- I see by my stats machine that we have been getting hits from Japan, Germany, Canada, and even China – hello! In closing I hope that everyone has a fun and safe New Year’s Eve wherever you may be! – I just got back to St. Pete.